January 4, 2022

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Cherry Diesel Strain Review & Video

cherry diesel strain

Are you looking for a top-shelf cannabis strain with sticky, dense buds, perfect for vaping, and which provides your mind with endless energy?

Cherry Diesel strain will surpass your expectations by a long shot. If you are a Sativa smoker, this hybrid with too sticky and dense buds is perfect for an uplifting high.

Cherry Diesel delivers a tornado of happiness and fills up your batteries after a long tiring day. Do you want to know this strain’s recreational and medical effects?

Cherry Diesel Strain Info

Cherry Diesel Strain Review

Cherry Diesel Strain Origin

Cherry D or Cherry Turbo Diesel made waves in the cannabis industry because of its super delicious tart cherry flavor and vibrant colors.

MTG seeds develop this rare and well-balanced hybrid strain by combining two classical fan-favorite strains, i.e., Turbo Diesel and Cherry OG.

This marijuana strain provides the best effects to its users because of its award-winning parents’ strong traits.

Turbo Diesel is a Sativa-dominant strain that is popular for providing a euphoric rush and enhancing mood. In contrast, Cherry OG has massive THC levels up to 22%, and that’s where Cherry Diesel cannabis strain got its potency from.

That’s not all! This exotic strain delivers the best of both worlds because it is 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. Moreover, its THC content goes up to 21%, which is high enough to keep you pumped, focused, happy, and relaxed.

Cherry Diesel Strain Appearance

These buds grow to a medium height and are neon green in color. These tasty grape shaped nugs are covered with golden crystal sticky trichomes and long striking orange pistils.

Cherry Diesel Strain Growing

Royal Cherry Diesel strain is extremely popular among those who have smoked it or tried to grow it. The cultivation process is not extremely hard or long-lasting.

However, growing this strain from the seeds is a bit challenging, and it is best suitable for advanced or intermediate growers.

Moreover, this cannabis strain can flourish and thrive outdoors and indoors. But growing indoors is the preferable option. The buds that grow from these seeds give a standard yield, and they need frequent trimmings.

Cherry Diesel Strain Flowering Time

Since these buds are perfectly grown by an indoor cultivator, this marijuana strain takes about eight to nine weeks to flower.

The buds become sticky and dense when growing, and once their flowering cycle is complete, they emit a sweet cherry aroma.

Cherry Diesel Strain Flavor Profile

Cherry D flavor is more like its name – the combination of big flavors cherry and diesel. It offers a pronounced taste of sweet cherries with undertones of tarty and earthy flavors mixed with diesel.

You will experience that your palate is dominated by a bit of citric and sweet cherries on inhaling this strain. Once you exhale, you will feel the lingering aftertaste of pine’s earthy notes and diesel.

Cherry Diesel Strain Fragrance

The aroma of this strain matches its name and taste. It has a very distinct and memorable aroma that a very few strains have.

Furthermore, the flowers are pleasant and sweet enough to fill up your nostrils with fruity, sweet cherry scents. This beautiful marijuana strain smells so good, and it makes you wonder that you are carrying a fresh, delicious basket of cherries.

Moreover, it possesses sour diesel undertones with an exotic sweet note. Breaking up these buds deliver a punch of pine notes.

When you break and burn the nugs, it releases a combination of rich, pungent diesel and spicy, pungent cherries with slight notes of earth and herbs. The cherry aroma hits smoothly, and it does not leave your room smelling funky.

Cherry Diesel Strain as an Edible

You will find this strain in a wide variety of edibles like concentrates, gummies, extracts, wax, and weed through which you can smoke or vape.

Cherry Diesel Strain Marvelous Effects

Cherry D’s high is as addictive as its flavor. Its strong kick mirrors its delicious tart flavor. Its high is quite arousing, and it provides users with a sharpened focus and prolonged energy.

One hit is enough for immediate motivation, uplifting and energizing effects. It delivers a euphoric but balanced hit. The effects are perfect enough to get you up from the couch to get your day started when you do not seem to have energy.

If we talk about the high, it fills the body and mind with a rush of tingly energy. It gives you a sense of purpose and motivation. Plus, it is accompanied by creativity and focus on getting your creative juices flowing. Thus, it amps up your whole body to get you going through the day.

Furthermore, the cerebral high triggers creativity and lifts the spirit. Its head high experience improves mood, focus, brain function, offers an undeniable boost, and makes users relaxed, happy, and calm.

Its butter smooth smoke will clear your head, improve your concentration, and will make you euphoric at the same time.

Cherry Diesel strain will not make you talkative but will envelop you with fits of laughter. This cerebral rush will make you feel creative and social.

It is a great strain to smoke with your friends or when you desire to complete your projects. Its peak effects help you to socialize and brainstorm. Therefore, it is an ideal time to invite your friends over to exchange ideas.

What’s more, the high transforms into a fantastic rush of relaxation and mellowness. After one or two hours, you can experience couch-lock. It relaxes your whole body and sedates the bodily sensations. Moreover, its intense relaxation will make you a bit sleepy.

Medical Benefits

Cherry D is a fast-acting strain that delivers relaxed Indica and cerebral Sativa effects together. Since it gives a sudden energy rush and boosts you up, it is perfect for daytime use.

This energetic and motivating strain gives life to individuals who suffer from today’s biggest culprits, i.e., fatigue, stress, and chronic depression.

This strain keeps these ailments at bay that hinders the productivity of people. Furthermore, its energetic properties deliver a sense of calm and make users motivated, relaxed, and happy.

Besides these conditions, this marijuana strain is also beneficial in providing instant relief for those unable to focus or suffer from dyslexia or ADHD.

Also, it eliminates social anxiety and brings out the users’ social side; thus, making it an excellent strain for individuals suffering from chronic depression.

It gives a social high for those who are introverts; thus, making it a wonderful choice for any social events or gatherings.

Apart from these psychological benefits, it also offers analgesic properties. It eliminates fatigue and soothes muscle spasms, headaches, and joints.

Moreover, Cherry Diesel is ideal for treating other conditions such as nausea, chronic pain, migraines, arthritis, upset stomach, anxiety, and appetite loss.

Cherry Diesel does not induce hunger right away but takes about an hour to work its magic. You will undoubtedly get the munchies after having this strain.

Therefore, it is a perfect strain for those who have eating disorders. Make sure to smoke this strain with snacks close by.

THC Levels

Since its THC levels cross 20%, novice consumers are recommended to take this strain slowly. It delivers a tremendous high after a few pulls, and this potent strain with long-lasting effects is for all the stoners who love the sweet flavor. Its sweet taste might accidentally let you overdo it.

Therefore, the smart move is to wait for half an hour before taking another hit. Overindulging may make you feel hazy and giggly, and you might feel paranoia and mild anxiety-like symptoms.

If you are an amateur smoker, it is better to proceed with caution. However, experienced smokers love the heavy high it produces.

Adverse Reactions

Consuming Cherry Turbo Diesel strain above the tolerance levels can cause adverse effects, especially if you are a novice smoker.

Therefore, it is essential not to excessively use this cannabis strain because too much can cause paranoia, anxiety, sleepiness, cottonmouth or dry mouth, dry eyes, and even headaches and dizziness.

Since overindulging this strain either through vaping or smoking makes the mouth dry, it is suggested to have water or any other beverage nearby.

Do not opt for alcohol as a beverage because it will not work well or manage the adverse effects of this marijuana.

Ending Note

As compared to other intense marijuana strains, Cherry Diesel is moderate. It is quite popular among novice smokers; however, discretion is advised.

This strain delivers a potent combination of head high and body buzz; thus, making it ideal for recreation and relaxation. It is genuinely uplifting, energizing, and motivating strain for those who crave a creativity boost.

Since it dulls away chronic pain, fatigue, and chronic stress, its soothing properties make this strain excellent for people suffering from these culprits.

Besides its unique cherry flavor, people come to love this strain because it pushes social anxiety to the back seat and lets individuals participate in social gatherings with tons of laughter.

Cherry Diesel Strain F.A.Q

Is Cherry diesel Indica or Sativa?

Cherry Diesel is a popular cannabis strain, resulted as a cross between its parent’s strains Turbo Diesel and Cherry OG. It is a nearly even hybrid ( 50%/50% Indica to Sativa ratio), with THC levels measured up to 24%.

Is cherry diesel Good for pain and stress relief

Cherry Diesel is known to help alleviate anxiety, depression, stress, pain, and PTSD.

This well-rounded and well-balanced strain will not disappoint you! Are you ready for the tremendous mellow high?

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