December 7, 2022

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How To Start Decarboxylating Kief With Mason Jar & Oven

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Decarboxylating With Kief Mason Jars – Why Use a Mason Jar to Decarboxylate

The smell my friends! We love using the mason jar technique primarily for the reduction of smell.

If you live in an urban area or an apartment complex, this becomes an essential “ingredient” to your cannabis infusions.

Also, we find we get a good consistent heating when using these methods. The end product is just better in our opinion.

So we have three ways we like to decarboxylate our hemp, marijuana and cannabis plants (yeah, they are all the same but we like keywords) with a mason jar.

  • Mason jar in the oven
  • Mason jar in a pot of water
  • Mason jar in an Instant Pot – crazy right?

The steps for decarboxylating kief are as follows:

The easiest method since 2017 – Levo 2

This method is somewhat more reliable because it reduces the risk of burning cannabis, and it minimizes strong odors that usually occur when heating the cannabis in the oven.

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