June 22, 2021

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LEVO 2 Herbal Oil and Butter Infusion Machine | Unboxing

LEVO Herbal Oil and Butter Infusion
LEVO Oil Infusion: Why should individuals opt for LEVO?

LEVO is making waves today because of its high-tech LEVO oil infusers that make infusions mess-free. They offer a premium kitchen appliance that takes infusion craft to the next level.

Moreover, their levo 1 and 2 appliances smartly infuse botanicals and activate or dry herbs in your butter, oils, and balms with the touch of a button. Thus, it simplifies work for the cannabis users to enjoy marijuana-infused products at home. No more headaches. And messes attempting to make Cannabutter in an instant pot or crockpot.

But how did this brand come into the limelight? Who is the brain behind this spectacular company?

LEVO’s Eureka Moment

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Chrissy Bellman, CEO, and Founder of LEVO, had her “aha moment” back in 2011. The sudden epiphany hit her to develop and engineer a high-tech infuser when she saw a group of friends struggling to infuse in a dorm room.

The entire process made the kitchen messy, and it almost took them a whole day to infuse. So Bellman worked hard on creating LEVO for five years. Finally, in 2016, she assembled a team and introduced her countertop oil infusing machine.

Today, the brand possesses a close-knit team, and it is home-based in Denver, Colorado. However, you will also find their products in over eight-hundred retail locations.

How is it different from other infusion products available in the market?

Level Up Your Infusing Game With Their Luxury Herb Appliance

LEVO is unique because its patented technology is engineered to infuse botanicals into butter and oil explicitly. Its components are dishwasher safe; hence, you do not have to clean its parts manually.

Moreover, it minimizes clean-up and messy straining. You will not need any additives, solvents, or emulsifiers to infuse.

Plus point? You can create your fantastic recipe without any time settings or following a fixed temperature. Therefore, it gives consumers absolute freedom to create their batch as they desire.

Furthermore, their herb accessory for small-scale purposes gently infuses the ingredients and does not aerate; thus, it increases the infused products’ shelf-life.

Why Should You Opt For This Brand?

This brand is passionate and keen about finding natural ways to wellness. The company allows users to extract the beneficial components from the plant.

This full-spectrum extract delivers superior medicinal, therapeutic, and nutritional benefits. You can easily infuse these extracts with fresh ingredients and discover various new recipes.

Moreover, this brand empowers you to select any ingredients of your choice. Plus, it offers you maximum control over what you want to consume.

This brand gives you the freedom to be creative. You can create your secret recipes and skin care products for yourself.

You do not have to release your hard-earned money on expensive skin care products when you can experiment and prepare a similar formula at home.

Bottom Line

Many individuals do not go for store-bought options because they are limited and expensive. Plus, they are labeled as “natural” but are over-processed and brimming with additives.

Why buy herb-infused products that contain solvents when you can prepare healthy infusions from healthy ingredients!

herb-infused products

Is the Levo 2 worth it?

The Levo II has quite a price point out of reach for many, though if you’re really, really looking to splurge for a top-notch oil infuser, the Levo II is about as good as you can get.

What can I infuse with Levo?

LEVO can be used to infuse nuts, seeds, cloves, roots, vegetables, flowers, fruit, and tons of other things with about any oil you can dream up —from extra virgin olive oil to lard! You just fill the pod with whatever you want to infuse.

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